Department of Physical Education


Physical Education is a comprehensive developmental program focused on the education of the whole person. Our program is an integral part of the total education process and has the same goals that give purpose to all learning experiences.  The interdisciplinary nature of physical education provides opportunities for all students to achieve the knowledge, skills, and values that will develop and enhance their sense of wellness, as well as, improve their health to maximize the quality of their lives. Here, Physical education is not only physical development but also to equip learners with knowledge, skills, capacities, values, and the enthusiasm to maintain and carry on a healthy lifestyle. It promotes physical fitness, develops motor skills and the understanding of rules, concepts and strategies of playing games and sports.


The Physical Education Program has a vision to create physically educated people where lifelong learning and physical activities are practiced by all. Our students are prepared to make eternal contributions with a holistic approach of body, mind and spirit nurtured with a strong commitment to serve humanity worldwide.

  • To develop a quality physical education program for our students, emphasize enjoyable participation in physical activities, develop the knowledge, attitude, motor skills, social skills and confidence.
  • To become an institution that provides a fertile ground for young minds to strengthen the foundation of their future life by giving them knowledge of total wellness and physical skills and the art of living.
  • To promote the capacity to organize games, sports and recreational activities.
  • To foster interest in Physical Education as a subject and appreciate its role in college and society.
  • To prepare for evolving stage specific curriculum, pedagogy and evaluation techniques in Physical Education.
  • Develop techniques and tactics involved in organized physical activities, games and sports.
  • To impart knowledge about human body as its functioning is influenced by physical activities.
  • To impart knowledge about socio-psychological aspects like control of emotions, balanced behaviour, development of leadership and followership qualities.
  • Develop positive health related fitness habits which can be practiced lifelong so as to prevent degenerative diseases.