Home Science

The Department of Home Science was established in the year 2002 at the under graduate level with five aspects to focus on namely food science and nutrition, clothing and textiles, home management, child development and extension education . At present it has been upgraded to PG (M.A) and B.Sc ( H.sc ) which is a life science management course that caters to the discipline of arts , science and humanities.


The Department ‘s vision is to prepare students an opportunity to learn and emerge to as ‘home scientists’ in their personal and professional life so that they can combat the challenges of their day to day life and upgrade themselves in the changing scenario.

Educational objectives
  • To develop scientific attitude in students to achieve greater efficiency and bring a qualitative change in their life.
  • To provide formal training to shoulder all the responsibilities in order to cope up efficiently with multifarious demands of time and energy.
  • To impart the understanding of the concepts of food and nutrition science, home management and household chemistry.
  • To enable the students to learn the methods of assessing human nutritional requirements, nutritional assessment and diet planning.
  • To develop a range of theoretical and practical knowledge which forms an appropriate basis for subsequent professional employment for the students in future.
Teaching strategies

In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives along with the lectures organizing of symposiums, workshops, rallies ,guest lectures ,quizzes, competitions , field surveys , preparation of projects, diet surveys, assignments etc form a part of curriculum of the department of home science.

Infrastructural facilities

The subject deals with the daily activities such as food, clothing , shelter, finance, health ,child care and community services not only theoretically but also practically. In order to achieve this the department has well equipped laboratories to impart practical knowledge to the students.

1.Foods and Nutrition Lab

The foods and nutrition lab is well equipped with appliances which cater to the needs of different cooking methods viz : microwaves and otgs for baking, grilling and low fat cooking . It is equipped with a wide range of electric cooking equipments, crockery for cooking and serving, different types of foods and beverages both for formal and informal settings. Regular practical classes are held to teach students various cooking skills in many cuisines.

2.Clothing and Textiles Lab

In this lab the students are introduced to the skills required for stitching garments. The equipments in the lab includes hand operated sewing machines, pedal sewing machines, fashion makers. The lab has counters for drafting , cutting and fiber identification where the students are provided with microscopes in order to have the microscopic view of the fibers. Dyeing and printing is taught to the students in which they prepare samples of tie and dye , batik, screen, stencil, block printing etc . They are also taught embroidery styles of various Indian states - which als forms a part of their curriculum.