“Music is the literature of the heart. It commences where speech ends” Lamartine.

Vision :

To create a music environment that is rich in social, cultural and intellectual diversity.

Mission :

To provide music enthusiasts a wholesome, divine and an engaging encounter with pure music.

  • To preserve and promote rich heritage of Classical Music.
  • To provide an opportunity for learning (to learn) music.
  • To attract young generation to learn and experience the rich heritage of Indian classical music.
  • To provide aspirants who wish to make a career in music.
  • To revive India’s musical instruments - a vital part of our rich culture.
  • To inculcate the values of learning music through the unique Guru – Shishya Parampara prevalent only in India only.

The Department of Music came into being with the establishment of the college in 1965 with three subjects being offered at Under graduate level – Vocal, Tabla and Sitar and Vocal at post graduate level. Today it offers post graduate in Sitar (Self- Finance) and in Tabla (Self-Finance) level. Choreography was introduced as an undergraduate subject in 2015. It is also a research centre with faculty members as research guides.

The Department has seen many fruitful and prosperous years with rapid development. Equal emphasis is being laid on both theoretical knowledge and practical orientation. Music, being a performing art, emphasis is laid upon Oral Tradition within classroom teaching. Noted experts are being invited to share their knowledge with the students. We have the proud privilege of having many reputed artistes, both in the past and at present, in our teaching faculty, who have been a guiding force for our students.

One salient feature of the infrastructure of this Department -The music department has a rich resource of musical instruments- Harmonium, Tablas, Sitar, electronic musical instruments.

Music, being foremost, a practical art, special attention and continuous stress is laid on achieving excellence in performance.

The Department also provides a regular forum for Lecture-cum-demonstrations and workshops, which includes a variety of programmes in the vocal, instrumental and percussion fields.

The students learn the traditional art forms of Indian classical music from a unique institute, which is a mixture of an age-old education system, i.e. the Guru-shishya parampara and institutionalized modern education system. The atmosphere of teaching-learning is of an extended family.

The department holds a high reputation in the Bareilly city and the students seek admission here. Every session, many students form surrounding cities – Badaun, Shahjahanpur and Pilibhit reside in the college hostel primarily due to the option of studying music.

Students from the department participate in activities at district and mandal level, and intercollegiate level. Every year the college students are invited to present the inaugural ceremony/Vandana at the University Convocation and other important occasions.

Department of Choreography

“Choreography involves the expression of thoughts and ideas through the dance action, body language, movements, and compositional forms”.

Choreography as a subject at Undergraduate Level was introduced in 2015 after the efforts of our founder Shri Kunwar Om Avtaar JI.

“Choreography” is one of the best choices of today’s youngsters. It is one of the fastest emerging fields in professional training and study.

This subject is designed to help the students learn to perceive dance and develop sensitivity to dance. Students are introduced to and trained in skill and proficiency, the occasion of performance and standards of excellence. The ‘Choreography Studio’ of the college has been designed and developed to achieve this mission.