Department of Political Science

“Man is by nature a political animal”, said Aristotle, which illustrates the significance of politics in our lives. In order to understand this politics around us, Political Science as a Discipline has always been taught and learnt since ages, though by different names. This tradition of teaching and learning politics was duly followed by our college and the department of Political Science came into being with the establishment of the college in 1965. The founder head of the department, Dr. Mithilesh Mishra, presently Hon. Secretary of Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), Bareilly local branch laid down the mission and objectives of the department which are being followed till today.

The department is dedicated to the meaningful teaching and learning of the subject. The students of the department have performed exceptionally well and are a pride for the department. Many have attained the top position in the merit list of the university.


The department is committed to the sincere study of the subject, covering not only the prescribed syllabus but also keeping the students update with the current important political issues. The department aims at the all round development of the students and makes every effort to inculcate constitutional values and scientific temper among its students so that they may develop as a good and informed citizen of the nation along with a good scholar of the subject.


Faculty members of the department employ an innovative pedagogy aimed at the development of critical thinking and analytical abilities among the students so as to help them comprehend the various nuances of the political process in a holistic manner. The teaching methodology of the department comprises classroom lectures, written assignments and presentations by the students. Teachers use various audio-visual aids to help students comprehend the subject matter effectively.


In order to impart a multi-dimensional character to the personality of the students, various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities - Seminars, Workshops, Lecture series, and Guest lectures, competitions, quizzes etc. are organized. Educational tours are arranged for the students to expand their horizon of knowledge with the practical knowledge of the subject.