Department of Sanskrit

Sanskrit was the language of Science, Technology, Medicine, Mathematics, Law, Economics, etc. Sanskrit was a ‘laboratory’ though unfortunately it has become a ‘temple’ now. The need of the hour is to probe and investigate Sanskrit, not worship it,not bring emotion to Sanskrit but rational thought process.

The department aims to make Sanskrit a widely spoken language among women and to help them appreciate the ancient Indian thoughts captured in rich learning of the language. We aim to enlighten women by propagating great scientific truths hidden in ancient Indian scriptures and manuscripts written in Sanskrit.

We continuously strive to build confidence in women through constant motivation and encouragement.

  • Imparting higher education in various branches of Sanskrit learning as well as in Indology and Indian Philosophy
  • Promoting research in Sanskrit, Indology and Indian Philosophy
  • To acquaint students with ancient Indian cultural heritage
  • To create ability to achieve a good command over all the three abilities in Sanskrit language -Speaking, Reading and writing.