The subject of Sociology is very comprehensive, interesting and employment oriented. The teaching learning ambience of the department aims at developing and providing the subscribed syllabus that is both rigorous and relevant to the current social settings and issues. We hope to prepare our students for their future careers and lives as engaged citizens.

The faculty adopts a teaching methodology – both theoretical and xperiential aimed at enhancing critical thinking, social awareness, and a globally-oriented conception of inequality and justice.  Our graduates are prepared for a range of career options, post-graduate educational opportunities, and a life of engaged, democratic citizenship. We strive to maintain a vibrant and inclusive environment where faculty, staff, and students are respected.

The Department of Sociology works tirelessly towards enhancing the analytical and logical ability of students. Motivating students for knowledge and personality development to enable their career in various fields.

The basic purpose of sociology is to introduce students to the basic principles of sociology. The students are made aware of the nature and tradition of society in India, which exists from the Vedic period till today. Our aim is to nurture students' knowledge from contemporary social perspective and to make them aware of various social systems, ideas and institutions of the world.

The teaching method in the department follows standard methods of university instruction i.e. lectures, written assignments, internal assessments and internal seminars. ICT tools – projector in the conference room, smart T.V to show lectures on youtube are also being made an integral part of teaching.